We empower mortgage shoppers

Mortgage companies try to stop consumers from shopping by rocketing them through a loan.  And that isn’t right. We bring the power back to the consumer by ensuring they can shop safely, obtain incredible loan terms and feel confident about their decision.

“The most honest shopping site I’ve ever used.”  -Mortgage Shopper

We put you in the driver’s seat.

MortgageCS is an online platform providing a suite of innovative mortgage tools powered by proprietary data and real-time interactions.

MortgageCS for professionals.

For professionals, MortgageCS saves time and delivers an incredible client experience.  A streamlined quote request process allows professionals of all experience levels to easily research accurate and ultra-competitive mortgage offers from verified local lenders while also protecting personal contact information. Professionals establish real-time interest rate monitors, ensuring their clients never miss an opportunity. Existing mortgage relationships can also be included into MortgageCS.

MortgageCS for mortgage shoppers.

When used by individuals, MortgageCS delivers on its promise to bring the power back to the consumer. A streamlined quote request process, coupled with full mortgage concierge support, ensures a superb experience every time. Shopping is hassle-free because sharing personal contact information is always optional and there is never an obligation to complete a loan.  Shoppers maintain control from start to finish, obtaining valuable information, personalized service and incredible offers along the way.

Above all else…

We put the consumer first.

1. Ensuring an ultra-competitive rate

A difference of 0.125% can cost $1,000’s!

Verified lenders and brokers compete with full transparency, so all requests are sure to get a great rate. When responding to a quote request, lenders and brokers can actually view the competing offers which have previously been provided. By incorporating this high level of transparency, each offer is the “first and best” available and the negotiation is already complete!

2.Protecting personal information

No one wants to be bombarded with calls

During the quote request process, personal contact information remains in the control of the requestor. This eliminates unnecessary credit checks, email spam and high-pressure phone calls.  Communication takes place using secure messaging directly on the site and contact information can be shared when (or if) a mortgage shopper is prepared to more forward.

3.Supporting with Concierge Service

Mortgage shopping can feel intimidating

Our licensed Concierge Team is always ready and able to answer questions, provide helpful input and assist in the evaluation of mortgage offers. Each member of our Concierge Team is licensed and qualified to discuss mortgages in detail and can answer questions specific to any mortgage scenario. Always unbiased, Concierge Team members act as a trustworthy “industry insider.”

4.Feeling confident

Mortgages are a lasting decision

The safety and efficiency provided by MortgageCS allows each mortgage shopper to take action if and when they are ready. This hassle free approach removes unnecessary pressure while providing ample time for learning and comparing. This is a great thing considering that mortgages can last 30 years and will likely be the largest purchase a family will ever make.

How are we different?

Comparison Websites
They sell your info for profit.
Comparison sites will take your personal information and sell it countless times resulting in a bombardment of calls and emails for months on end.

At MortgageCS, you control access to your personal contact information, and it will never be sold without your permission.

Your "Mortgage Guy"
Service but no competition.
A local mortgage guy can be a great resource if you don't care about getting a competitive rate and are only interested in being able to shake a hand.

At MortgageCS, you'll always receive ultra-competitive bids and personalized attention from multiple local originators.

The Local Bank
Inflexible and expensive.
Local banks impose strict lending guidelines and have oodles of infrastructure to support resulting in no flexibility and inflated rates.

At MortgageCS, competition and vast product offerings ensure you get a great rate with the flexibility you deserve.

Interested in how the quote process works?

No more wasting time talking to multiple lenders, wondering if you’re getting a great rate.

The MortgageCS Platform

User-friendly platform gives your clients instant access without additional office resources.
Bank Level Security
Two-factor authentication and encryption provide the highest level of cyber-safety, keeping user data protected.
Proprietary Insights
Harness the power of live, real-time data for superior decisions that leverage industry trends.
Desktop & Mobile
Anytime, anywhere access. At home. At the office. Or on the go.
Proven Results
Provide a valuable resource that saves time, money and frustration.
Amazing Support
By phone, email or chat, we are here to ensure a great experience for all.

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