Include an incredible benefit for your team!

Provide a time and money saving resource to save your team’s most valuable assets.

Improve livelihoods

A stable household is part of the “American Dream” for many of us. Employers and organizations play a big part by providing the compensation to make it a reality. Now, senior leadership can go one step further by offering a resource that educates, empowers and delights their team when it comes to life’s biggest purchase.

Better performance

Financial stress can sidetrack even the most reliable team members.  So, we’ve made it easy to deliver MortgageCS as a time-saving benefit. Now, teams and businesses can offer a dedicated mortgage concierge that ensures an efficient mortgage experience and removes work-day distractions.

Offer relocation assistance

The time and cost required to relocate an employee or team member can be very high.  So, we’ve created a competitive shopping environment that delivers consistently great results up front. Employees and companies both win when mortgage shopping is fast, easy and effective.

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What's included?

Turnkey User Access
A user-friendly platform gives your team instant access without additional ‘hands-on’ resources or time required.
Hassle-Free Quote Requests
Our competitive quote process is fast and easy. No personal contact details. No credit check. No spam. And no telephone calls.
Real-Time Concierge Support
Personalized support from our licensed Concierge Team is available via chat, email or phone.
Desktop & Mobile Access
Anytime, anywhere access. Employees can access at home or on the go.
Bank Level Security
Two-factor authentication and bank-grade encryption offer the highest cyber-safety.
Group Education Days
Yearly information sessions ensure each team stays “in the know.”

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