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Mortgage companies are busy creating technology that stops a consumer from shopping around by rocketing them through a loan approval in minutes. And that isn’t right because, without competitive bidding and market insights, individuals typically lose tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

MortgageCS brings the power back to the consumer, ensuring they save time, obtain better terms and feel confident in their decision.  We provide a suite of online tools, educational resources, and real-time data which together with our mortgage shopping process and concierge team, deliver an unprecedented advantage in an otherwise confusing and challenging mortgage shopping environment.


Receive ultra-competitive offers from verified local lenders without the hassle of giving up your personal contact information. Feel confident in your decision with less effort and no time wasted.

Consumers win. 


Providing a superior client experience has never been more important. Offering a new, safe and time-saving mortgage resource to your clients and prospects keeps you ahead of the curve.

Professionals win.

Mortgage Lenders

Today’s mortgage shoppers use technology to start and validate their mortgage shopping. Meet prospective borrowers on their terms, prove your worth and earn their business.

Mortgage Lenders win.


The average new mortgage balance today according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


Recent survey respondents that selected interest rate as #1 factor when choosing a mortgage lender.

8 hours

Average amount of time a mortgage borrower spends shopping for a refinance or purchase mortgage.


The money wasted when a family overpays for a $244k 30-year mortgage by 0.25%.


Recent survey respondents that were “Very Confident” they obtained the best rate for their situation.


Amount of shopping time saved when mortgage borrowers use the streamlined features of MortgageCS.

Mortgage shopping simplified

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Gain control over the mortgage shopping process today with a more secure, less intrusive approach to mortgage shopping!

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Our company is leading a movement to empower consumers while mortgage shopping. We deliver an innovative platform backed by real-time data, proprietary workflows and a full service mortgage concierge team. Our platform is used by a range of financial and real estate professionals to improve their business operations, enhance their clients’ experiences and provide a supremely differentiated experience.