Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked ones below.

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How is MortgageCS different than other online sites?
There’s a big difference. Most mortgage price quote websites are really just marketing tools to generate lots of leads. When you click the “I Agree” button you give up your right to privacy. They sell your contact information to multiple lenders who will email and robocall for months. Yikes!

With MortgageCS you input your loan requirements without unnecessary personal information. You compare your rate quotes, and then you decide which loan officer to contact. Our privacy protection and two-factor authentication provide the highest level of online security. And you choose whether to communicate live with the loan officer or start with an email exchange. You’re always in control as you get the details you need to make your final decision.

Does MortgageCS charge any "upfront fees"?
MortgageCS does not charge any kind of fee for the service of matching borrowers with lenders. In addition, no lender will ask you for any upfront fees to “guarantee” or “insure” a loan. Beware if you are asked for a fee or “insurance” before completing an application with a loan officer. No legitimate lender does this.
Where does MortgageCS find lenders with ultra-competitive rates?
Qualified lenders are referred to us through our extensive network and are manually verified by our team of professionals to ensure they meet or exceed our lender criteria. Some lenders are lesser known than the big banks, but often times they have business models that allow them to offer even better terms. Feel free to refer your lender if you think he/she is interested in joining the platform and competing for business.
How can I learn more about the lenders?
View detailed lender profiles, reviews, ratings, and MortgageCS statistics to find the best lender for your specific situation. Of course, you are welcome to further research via traditional means.
Why does MortgageCS need my credit score?
The credit score is needed to help lenders quickly determine if they are able to provide a mortgage for your specific situation. Assuming you provide accurate information, the lenders in our network are able to give ‘real rates’ rather than just providing you lowball ‘bait-n-switch’ rate quotes with no regard to your credit or financial profile.
How do I compare loan offers?
Your customized dashboard will compare the interest rate, APR, points, loan amount, loan term and other details of the loan offer. Please use our online calculators to help you make your decision. If you (or your users) have questions or need assistance, you can always contact our Mortgage Concierge at no cost (assuming you have the Concierge package).
How will MortgageCS get competing offers?
Remember, you decide what lenders you want to work with. Selected loan officers receive your request and compete for your business. We are here to help facilitate the process with verified lenders and, if needed, answer any questions you might have along the way. Lenders can see other lender offers (but not names), thereby increasing competition and your chances of receiving the best loan terms.
Am I obligated to accept an offer?
You are under no obligation to accept a loan offer that is presented to you. At any point, you can close the quote request and move along without any further email & phone harassment from lenders – unlike traditional mortgage comparison websites.
What are your closing costs?
MortgageCS does not charge you for using its services. Each lender you are matched with determines their own policy regarding closing costs and these will be provided to you as part of the quote request process.
Do you have lenders who deal with less-than-perfect credit?
Yes, of course! We have many lenders who work with borrowers with less-than-perfect credit.
Can you guarantee a specific interest rate?
Here’s the good news. We are not a mortgage lender, so we’re not trying to sell you on any one particular loan program. We bring reputable lenders to our platform, so you have easy access to a variety of competing mortgage rate quotes without giving away a lot of personal information. There’s no credit report, no spam, and no annoying sales calls. You choose which lenders you want to contact. You’re in control every step of the way.

Here’s the bad news. We are not a mortgage lender, so we can’t guarantee a particular interest rate.

How will I find out which lenders are reviewing my loan request?
With MortgageCS, you get to select who you want to review your loan request. From start to finish, YOU are in the driver seat.
What information do you collect?
We ask questions about you, the type of loan you are looking for, and your financial situation (income, assets and debts). If you’re refinancing your mortgage or looking for a home equity loan or line of credit, we need to know about the terms of your current mortgage, how much you owe and how much you want to borrow.
Does MortgageCS and/or each lender pull my credit report?
MortgageCS will never pull your credit report. Each of our lenders has their own policy about pulling your credit, however, none will pull your credit before they make you a loan offer or without your prior permission.
How will I find out about my loan offers?
We will email notifications of new quote activity, and optionally send SMS messages if you have so chosen to receive.
Can I negotiate directly with the lenders?
Absolutely. You are under no obligation to accept a lender’s first offer. In fact, if you’ve received a better offer from another lender, use it to negotiate with your lenders. Our dashboard helps you keep your data organized, compare insights and negotiate in one single location.
I’ve accepted an offer. How do I close the loan?
After you accept an offer, you will need to communicate with the lender directly to complete the loan process. You will need to verify the information you provided through our site through W-2 forms, pay stubs, house appraisals etc. You’ll also need to sign the official application forms from the Lender and schedule a closing.
How secure will my information be?
We go the extra mile to maintain your personal privacy and your online security. We’re licensed by banking regulatory agencies in every state where we operate and provide safeguards such as two-factor authentication for the highest level of online security. Plus we put a safety net in place. We maintain comprehensive enterprise insurance coverage, including cyber-liability.
Will you share or sell my contact information?
No. Your information is private. You choose which lenders you wish to share your financial situation with and are not obligated to share your name, email address or telephone number unless you choose to do so. Until that point, you can remain anonymous. Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy policy for additional information.

Professional Subscription FAQ's

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. For annual payments, we can accept checks and POs. Credit cards are our preferred mode of payment.
Why am I being charged every month?
This is an ongoing product and service that we provide, and similar to Netflix and Spotify, we need to charge a small monthly access fee. In turn, you can provide to your team, customers or organization at no cost.
Is MortgageCS for professionals only?
MortgageCS is a “B2B2C” offering whereby professionals, teams, and organizations subscribe directly and provide as a value-add to their consumers. Individuals are unable to signup for Mortgage directly, thereby providing professionals with a valuable resource to both differentiate themselves and better serve the needs of those around them.
Will I have 24/7 technical support?
Absolutely. Our Help Desk is available 24/7 via live chat, telephone or email if you ever need technical support.
Will my users have access to mortgage education, trends and analysis?
Yes. The MortgageCS platform includes an extensive library of articles and videos that cover a wide range of topics, like rates, fees, the pros and cons of different types of mortgages, the application process, the closing process, etc. We designed the platform to be robust and collaborative. If you don’t get the answers you need, then just ask. We will add that information for you and all our members.
Do you offer a free trial?
Yes, all packages include in a no hassle 30-day free trial unless otherwise denoted on the signup form.
Can I cancel at any time?
You can cancel your subscription anytime from the billing dashboard of your MortgageCS account after paying unpaid invoices. No hard feelings 🙂
Does MortgageCS originate loans?
No. Although MortgageCS is licensed by the PA Department of Banking and the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance, we do not originate any type of mortgage loans. Rather, we greatly improve the shopping experience and put individuals in control.
Do you provide market insights?
Our job is to enhance the partnership you’re building with your clients and prospects. And sharing the type of insights that could save them money is a great way to strengthen your relationship. You’re included in the rate quote and collaborative communications process, so it’s easy to see when you need to step in and support the process.
Can I work with my existing loan officer(s)?
Of course. Just invite your loan officer to join the MortgageCS community. We will verify their identity, activate their membership, and then you’re off and running.