We are the advisor’s mortgage advisor 

For fee-only advisors and planners who want to grow and improve their business relationships.

Until now, a fiduciary mortgage resource has never been available for advisors and their clients. The fact is mortgage brokers and lenders are incentivized exclusively to sell product (a mortgage), and receive no compensation otherwise. As a fiduciary advisor, this news shouldn’t sit well with you.

Extend the same fiduciary approach you value to your clients’ mortgage scenarios.

MortgageCS provides ultra-competitive mortgage shopping, detailed scenario analysis and the information to power data-driven mortgage decisions. The Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist® Concierge Service does all the heavy lifting for you, saving time, increasing confidence and ensuring a great result.

Cultivate more referrals

More than 5 million people buy a home each year in the US. Forming a relationship with prospective clients during this important time sets the stage for a life-long relationship. MortgageCS provides the trusted, unbiased universal source of truth you can deliver to delight your current clients, leading to more high-quality referrals and relevant introductions to your next generation of wealth-building clients.

Rescue your client from pain and frustration

The thought of mortgage shopping creates anxiety and stress for most of us. MortgageCS removes the burden of mortgage-related research and analysis for you and your clients thanks to our streamlined technology and licensed Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist® Concierge Service. You’ll be able to guarantee ultra-competitive rates and ease the stress associated with this challenging financial decision once and for all.

We do all the work for you

The Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist® Concierge Service supports your business by being the main point of contact for all questions, information and communication. You’ll be kept up to date at each step and will rest easy knowing that your client’s best interests are always our best interests.

We Support Your Business

For Annual Reviews
We do all the work providing a detailed mortgage analysis that brings more value to your most important relationships.
For Mortgage Shopping
Our ultra-competitive mortgage shopping platform protects your client’s personal information and always delivers.
For Unbiased Answers
The Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist® Concierge is available for any/all mortgage questions and scenarios.
For Custom Calculators
Our team creates the tools you need to deliver data and insights that improve important client conversations.
For Building Relationships
Bring more value to prospect and client interactions, earning trust faster and becoming more referable.
For Truth
As a fiduciary mortgage resource, we are the only universal source of truth without bias or mis-aligned incentives.
Discuss Mortgages, Confidently

What happens when you have on-demand access to a real-time resource and a concierge team? You’ll provide more value during each client interaction.  We call it “The MortgageCS Effect.”

Improve Interactions

Build Relationships

Increase Referrals

Exceed Client Expectations

In our on-demand economy, clients expect fast, reliable and accessible information. Exceed their expectations, and grow your business along the way, by delivering what they expect and more.

Mortgage Education

Anytime Access

Concierge Care

Don't just take our word for it.

Grant C. Holdren, CFP®, CLU®
Partner, Allied Financial Consultants, LLP
"Clients are always looking to obtain information in an unthreatening manner, and MortgageCS gives them the opportunity to easily obtain multiple answers and ensure they are making the best decision."
Caryn G.
Mortgage Borrower
“Very quick. Turns out to be the best experience I’ve had. Shopping for a mortgage in a single step was just about as easy as it gets. It's about time something like this exists!”