Mortgage loan programs

Mortgage options that deliver supreme flexibility and traditional options too!

Purchase Mortgages
FHA Mortgages with just 3.5% down
Conventional loans with just 5% down
20% down conventional loans
Jumbo purchase (up to $3mm)
Veterans Affairs Loans (VA Loans)
Refinance Mortgages
Cash-out refinance
Debt consolidation
Rate and payment reduction loan
Combine 1st and 2nd mortgages
Underwater mortgage refinance
Special Loan Options
Choose your mortgage length from 8 years to 30 years
Real Estate Investor purchase loans
Professional loans/Doctor Loans that exclude student loan debt
Mortgages for W2 employees in the legal marijuana industry
Flexible options for self-employed mortgage borrowers
Interest Only Loans for those with good credit scores

We empower mortgage shoppers

Mortgage companies try to stop consumers from shopping by rocketing them through a loan.  And that isn’t right. We bring the power back to the consumer by ensuring they can shop safely, obtain incredible loan terms and feel confident about their decision.