Meet the MortgageCS Team!

At MortgageCS, each member of our team truly loves what they do, and we hope that our enthusiasm shines through in every client interaction. We asked each of our team members what their favorite part about being on the MortgageCS team is — let’s hear what they have to say.

Meet Ben Stucker, Co-Founder and CEO (NMLS #168345)

Ben leads the charge to drastically improve the mortgage experience for all involved.

What does Ben enjoy most about being part of the MortgageCS team?: Hearing the feedback from clients when their purchased mortgage is ready ahead of time or their refinance closes in far less time than they expected. It reminds me of the work our team puts into perfecting the mortgage process.

Learn more about Ben’s role here.

Meet Alec Baker, Co-Founder & COO (NMLS# 1467661)

Alec handles business operations and leads our technology innovation to revolutionize your loan process.

What does Alec enjoy most about being part of the MortgageCS team?: Our team here at MortgageCS has an undeniable enthusiasm, a passionate for innovation, and a dedication to doing good. Couple that with our forward-thinking approach and constantly-improving technology, and it truly feels like our team has nailed the secret recipe for a better mortgage process! It’s what keeps me excited to show up strong everyday for my team and our incredible partners and clients each and every day.

Learn more about Alec’s role here.

Meet Melissa Jacquinto, Director of Loan Production

Melissa oversees the processing team so all loans move along efficiently and you can close in a timely fashion.

What does Melissa enjoy most about being part of the MortgageCS team?: I love the way our team supports one another to always provide the best experience for our clients. I also admire our company’s dedication to educating our clients by being transparent!

Learn more about Melissa’s role here.

Meet Christine Lamb, Loan Processor

Christine facilitates lender and third-party communication to ensure your loan is processed accurately and efficiently.

What does Christine enjoy most about being part of the MortgageCS team?: My favorite part about being on the MCS team is the commitment to communication, education and service. Every single one of my cohorts is dedicated to being helpful and encouraging in every interaction. They make it look easy to be efficient and knowledgeable. We are constantly learning something new in a team meeting or training program. Some of us have 20+ years of experience in finance and mortgage, while others of us have 1 year, so far. We are always sharing ideas and refining our processes together. Our dynamic group really encapsulates the definition of the word “team”. I am grateful for the team daily!

Learn more about Christine’s role here.

Meet Shannon Murphy, Closing Manager

Shannon coordinates and organizes your final loan documents to ensure your closing goes off without a hitch.

What does Shannon enjoy most about being part of the MortgageCS team?: My favorite part of being on the MortgageCS team is being part of a company that genuinely cares about tailoring to each client’s unique needs. We don’t push loans through our pipeline just to get them on our books. We don’t tell our clients “you don’t meet the criteria, find another lender”. We make sure our clients are getting what they want, while also making sure it makes financial sense for them. This environment breeds enthusiasm and respect for the mortgage industry and everything that it could be – I never thought I would be the person who answers emails after 5:00 PM or opens up my computer on a Saturday morning to get some extra work done. MortgageCS and our vision have allowed me to do what I do best – help others and greet every interaction with kindness.

Learn more about Shannon’s role here.

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Meet Alexis Sonder, Relationship Manager

Alexis develops strong relationships with our real estate and financial advisor partners to help drive exceptional outcomes for their clients’ mortgage needs.

What does Alexis enjoy most about being part of the MortgageCS team?: What I love most about working with the team at MortgageCS is the fact that we all provide the highest level of service in an industry where service is undeniably lacking across the board. I am proud to be a part of a team who cares not only about our clients but everyone in on the loan process along the way.

Learn more about Alexis’s role here.