No hassle mortgage shopping, guaranteed.

Ultra-competitive mortgage shopping without the calls, spam emails and hard sales tactics.

Comparison Websites
They sell your info for profit.
Comparison sites will take your personal information and sell it countless times resulting in a bombardment of calls and emails for months on end.

At MortgageCS, you control access to your personal contact information, and it will never be shared without your permission.

Your "Mortgage Guy"
Service but no competition.
A local mortgage guy can be a great resource if you don't care about getting a competitive rate and are only interested in being able to shake a hand.

At MortgageCS, you'll always receive ultra-competitive offers and personalized attention from multiple local originators.

The Local Bank
Inflexible and expensive.
Local banks impose strict lending guidelines and have oodles of infrastructure to support resulting in no flexibility and inflated rates.

At MortgageCS, competition and vast product offerings ensure you get a great rate with the flexibility you deserve.

We empower mortgage shoppers

Mortgage companies try to stop consumers from shopping by rocketing them through a loan.  And that isn’t right. We bring the power back to the consumer by ensuring they can shop safely, obtain incredible loan terms and feel confident about their decision.

How are you different from Lending Tree?
There’s a huge difference. First and foremost, you are in control at MortgageCS. You choose how much information to provide, the pace of your mortgage journey and if (or when) you interact with a lender or broker. You also gain access to unbiased concierge support from a licensed Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist® whenever using MortgageCS.

Unlike Lending Tree, you’ll never be forced to provide your social security number or phone number just to view loan options. Being bombarded with hard-selling mortgage broker phone calls doesn’t help anyone. Yuck.

How does MortgageCS ensure competitive rates?
Our secret is that there are no secrets! Competition for your loan is 100% transparent between lenders and brokers. Each mortgage broker or lender can view the loan terms and programs already provided by their competition. This means they know exactly what to offer to get your attention. Thanks to this revolutionary concept, you’ll never need to negotiate!
What if my mortgage broker shops for me?
The truth is, your mortgage broker doesn’t shop rates for you. They shop rates for their own benefit! (Yes, we are going to make lots of folks upset here.)

Mortgage brokers will add a retail margin to each rate, just like a store owner adds a retail margin to a shirt on a rack. This increases the rate you receive for your loan. Every mortgage broker or mortgage lender applies a different margin, so it pays to shop your mortgage!

What information do you collect from me?
To create a free quote, we’ll ask questions about the type of loan you are looking for and your financial situation. If you’re refinancing your mortgage, we’ll include a few simple questions about the loan you currently have in place. Similarly, if you are looking to obtain a prequalification letter or ready to buy a home, we’ll ask a few questions about the new property. Regardless of the loan type, the Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist® concierge team is always available to provide assistance – with a No-Hassle Guarantee!