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Steve Bardsley Avatar
Steve Bardsley
5/16/2019 - Google

First, I just want to say that I am no expert with mortgages and all the ins and outs. Did not matter with MortgageCS. Ben Stucker, the CEO of the c... read more

Kasey Marsicano Avatar
Kasey Marsicano
5/16/2019 - Google

I can’t say enough about my amazing experience with Ben and MortageCS. As a first time home buyer, Ben took the time to explain all aspects of the mor... read more

Rich McGrath Avatar
Rich McGrath
5/08/2019 - Google

I highly recommend Ben and MortgageCS. Ben provide a first class experience with fantastic communication at every step of the process! I received an ... read more

Monty Reeder Avatar
Monty Reeder
5/06/2019 - Google

MortgageCS was great to work with and offered an incredible rate. I highly recommend MortgageCS.

Brandon Abe Avatar
Brandon Abe
4/22/2019 - Google

Highly recommend MortgageCS to anyone who is considering a home purchase or a refinance. Their team is incredible knowledgeable, helpful and insightfu... read more

Lending Brian Avatar
Lending Brian
4/20/2019 - Google

Ben and his team provide a superior client experience at an unbeatable price! MortgageCs is a tremendous asset to the communities they serve!

Joseph Ruggiero Avatar
Joseph Ruggiero
4/20/2019 - Google

Our experience was simple, efficient, and quick. Ben steered us thru the process and it was great experience. Would highly recommend his services.

Anni Dee Avatar
Anni Dee
4/20/2019 - Google

As new home buyers, we had a wonderful experience working with Ben. He is very knowledgeable and shares alternatives to simplify and ease the entire t... read more

john monte Avatar
john monte
4/20/2019 - Google

Ben is awesome! He is very knowledgeable and efficient. One of the easiest and quickest refinances we have gone thru. We got a fantastic interest rate... read more

David Fink Avatar
David Fink
4/20/2019 - Google

Best experience ever! My wife and I used MortgageCS to refinance our house. Now mind you, we just purchased less than 6 months ago, which typically ma... read more

Jamie Temme Avatar
Jamie Temme
4/18/2019 - Google

Highly recommend MortgageCS. Reached out to see if re-financing my current mortgage made sense and was seeking advice on potentially a new mortgage, a... read more

Gregg MacDonald Avatar
Gregg MacDonald
4/12/2019 - Google

We have purchased 5 properties and have been through 3 refinances and this experience with MortgageCS has been the best by far. Not only did we receiv... read more

Brett M Avatar
Brett M
4/12/2019 - Google

Wonderful experience with a fantastic team. I am still in disbelief over the rate we got. The fees were very reasonable and our entire refinance proce... read more

Mark Merdita Avatar
Mark Merdita
4/09/2019 - Google

As Ben and MortgageCS’s Account Executive at Quicken Loans Mortgage Services I have a firsthand look into their daily business operation and can verif... read more

Alex Mikhelson Avatar
Alex Mikhelson
4/04/2019 - Google

Having been in the industry for 15 years and successfully closed over 3,000 Real Estate transactions I can honestly say it takes a lot for me to be im... read more

Chris Jones Avatar
Chris Jones
4/03/2019 - Google

Simply put, 5 out of 5 is not a high enough rating. For starters, the rate was fantastic, the fees were completely reasonable, and the REFI went very... read more