Co-Founder & CEO, NMLS# 168345

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Meet Ben Stucker, co-founder and CEO (NMLS #168345)! After two decades in the mortgage industry, Ben has seen it all. He has helped countless clients get the deal they deserve on their mortgage at an average closing speed 2-3 times faster than the industry standard.

Ben knows there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to home financing. That’s why he takes the time to have a personal consultation call with every client before providing unbiased expert advice. Ben is proud to offer you a transparent, tailored approach that ensures you get a great rate and a deal that fully aligns with your goals!

To get in touch with Ben, call/text him any time, day or night at (267) 391-7425 today. You can also meet the rest of your team here, or click here to start your mortgage process now!