Your Mortgage Market Update – August 2022

Hear from MortgageCS CEO Ben Stucker (NMLS #168345) about interest rates, housing market trends, and more mortgage updates for homebuyers and homeowners! Whether you’re a homebuyer dealing with tough market competition or a homeowner looking to do a cash-out refinance, we have market updates for you.

This Month in the Market (August 2022)

In summary: rates are down by 1/2 of a percent since my June newsletter and a full percent lower from their peak this year. This has opened a refinancing opportunity for some and brought new homebuyers off the sidelines in a less competitive market.

Thinking of purchasing a new home?

      • Housing inventory is increasing, yet it is still very low.  The good news is that there are a record 1.6m million homes under construction, the most since1973 for the baby boomer generation, although most were apartments.
      • Since June and the height of recent mortgage rates, we are seeing sellers be more flexible – it’s a good time to get back into the market if you haven’t been looking recently.
      • If you haven’t updated your pre-approval recently or would simply benefit from a conversation, please do not hesitate to schedule a time on my calendar or call/text me via phone at 267-391-7425.

Considering a refinance of your home?

      • If you have purchased within the last year and have a rate in the fives there is a small chance that a refinance could make sense for you.
      • As always, debt consolidation at today’s rates can also save you money compared to paying much higher rates on other types of high-interest debt.

Get Answers to Your Mortgage Questions

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