Your Mortgage Market Update – June 2022

Hear from MortgageCS CEO Ben Stucker (NMLS #168345) about interest rates, housing market trends, and more mortgage updates for homebuyers and homeowners! Whether you’re a homebuyer dealing with tough market competition or a homeowner looking to do a cash-out refinance, we have market updates for you. Watch the video below to learn more!

This Month in the Market (June 2022)

In the June 2022 market, homebuyers and homeowners in all financial situations are watching closely as rates have again hit new highs, and activity in the mortgage market is at a 22-year low. Interestingly, home price reductions are also on the rise in large part due to the affordability concerns many buyers face with higher rates. Home values are still up, and today’s rates are still much lower than other types of debt for those who are considering a debt consolidation refinance. Homebuyers should also keep in mind that their rate today doesn’t have to be their rate forever – they can always take a higher rate today and refinance when rates eventually bounce back later.

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